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Get to know your framer...

Rose Folks has been a custom picture framer for over 30 years.  She started out as a "backyard" picture/craftsperson but soon discovered her greatest creativity comes from interacting with people.  She opened Across The Tracks Framing in downtown Burlington, NC twenty-six years ago and enjoys a loyal following of clients.

"I believe custom framing is an art in itself.  You're developing a design to fit  personality of your client and their decor.  The best look for the finished project can only be created with a clear understanding of the client's style, the piece's location and any space restrictions.  Armed with this kind of information, you can customize from the art out, remembering the rule to always keep the integrity of the art.  The eye should always go directly to the art, not the framing."  

"I love the process of custom framing.  It's such a personal experience working with a client and creating and delivering a finished piece  Many times when you really nail it, you bring out the piece and unwrap it and the customer tears up.  It can be an extremely emotional experience, and for me, that's very rewarding."

In addition to regular custom framing, we specialize in memorabilia shadowbox framing that highlights a person's life or memory.  Arranging items that mean something to a client in a personal way not only preserves them, but makes a functional one-of-a-kind shadowbox that is pleasing to the eye.

"We encourage creative design within our business instead of competing with the framers down the street over price and turnaround time.  We're different.  We create new designs using fabric and textured matting.  Instead of the standard 3" mat, we may use a much larger mat.  Sometimes we float the art or create a deckled edge.  We're always trying new styles and techniques.  We give ourselves permission to let our talent and creativity show."

One of her shop's unique offerings is a customer guarantee.  "If they don't like it, we redo it until they are completely satisfied.  Everything that goes out the door needs to be done to perfection.  We want our clients to pass by their art and love it and associate it with Across The Tracks Framing and a positive experience.  In the end, we measure our success by the number of clients that return.  "You dream it, we create it!"

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We are located at 238 E Market Street in the middle of the Coleman Roofing ​building near the Amtrak Station in downtown Burlington.  We are​ a little bit out-of-the-way but it's worth the trip.  There's plenty of​ parking available.  If needed, a handicap ramp is on the left of the building.




Tues-Fri.  10:00 - 4:00

Saturday  10:00 - 1:00

Closed Sun.-Mon.


238 E Market Street, Burlington, NC  27217